WITTUR Hydra Plus UD car door operator


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Hydra Plus UD car door operator

Hydra Plus Up-Side Down is an operator which can be used with any kind of application from residential buildings up to highly frequented office buildings hotels.

Thank to its reduced height, it is the ideal solution for any kind of installation with low shaft head.


  • Reduced height overall dimensions for installations with low shaft head
  • Modularity (various combinations between drives and models)
  • Wide range with 9 door types
  • Smooth operation even at high door speeds
  • Pre-adjusted and tested in the factory with self-learning functions for opening and closing time speed. Accordingly we can have a fast and easy installation because there is no more need for additional adjustments in the site
  • Low energy consumption
  • Global product: Hydra Plus complies with the standards: EN81, Pubel, Lift Directive 95/16/EC
  • Closing times according to disable people rules
  • Small numbers of parts result in reduced number of spares and highly lifetime
  • Adaptions at existing components and special designed sparts are possible


Hydra Plus Up-Side Down  car door operator is available in three types of drives:

  • ECO PLUS for low traffic installation (residential buildings, small offices)
  • MIDI PLUS for medium-high traffic installation (public buildings, offices, medium-high traffic residential buildings and prestigious buildings)
  • SUPRA for high traffic installation (hotels, hospitals, ship, public buildings, offices, high traffic residential buildings and prestigious buildings)
Drives 3-phase PMSM
Vector control
3-phase PMSM
Vector control
3-phase PMSM
Vector control
Power supply (127V;2A ) ±20%Univ. (230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
(127V;2A ) ±20%Univ. (230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
(127V;2A ) ±20%Univ. (230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
Class protection IP20 IP20 (IP54 on demand) IP20 (IP54 on demand)
Maximum movable masses (car and landing door panels) 130 kg 300 kg 700 kg
Car door lock (Optional) Available Available Available
Self-learning Available Available Available
Protective device – Power supply 24V DC+ 10%
150 mA
24V DC+ 10%
150 mA
24V DC+ 10%
150 mA
Emergency battery drive 18-26 VDC
max 5A
18-26 VDC
max 15A
18-26 VDC
max 20A


  • Explosionproof
  • Waterproof IP54


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