WFU plastic-wrapped compensation chain


As for material, labor, transportation cost and exchange rate are changing,  the price for this is just for reference only, please contact us before hand if you are interested.


WFU package plastic elevator balance compensation chain for selection of high quality welded chain wrapped in a layer of synthetic rubber and plastic materials processing and become,its advantages are good elasticity,bendingradius is small and difficult to burn,aging resistance,cold resistance,excellent perfor-mance for in 1.75m/s the following the low-speed elevator.

1.The suitable temperature range of the product is -25℃~50℃.

2.When you are ready to install the compensation chain , it is necessary to straight the chain first , or it will affect the running effect and service life.

3.The center line of the damping device and the suspension point should be in the same perpendicular line in order to reduce the friction between the compensation chain and the damping device.

4.The minimum distance is one meter between the installation point of the damping device and the curve bottom of the compensation chain. Otherwise it may cause the accident.


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