WFT – 1 safety device measuring and controlling elevator compensating chain


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Product feature

WFT series of elevator balance compensation chain, break through the traditional elevator balance chain of a single balance compensation, the introduction of a new function – the role of security measurement and control.WFT-1 safety control device of elevator compensating chain, product structure by the high quality welding cable, rubber composite and safety detecting and controlling device, the perfect combination, forming its unique function. Product advantages not only has good elasticity, difficult to burn, aging resistance, cold resistance, excellent performance, and stable performance is good, low noise characteristics and into a a brand characteristics, safety monitoring, elevator operation, safety is the eternal theme, we will lift safety monitoring work can magnify, in operation such as encountered in emergency situations, safety monitoring will pass the first time signal to the control system, parallel to control security system, so that the lift to take emergency measures, thereby reducing the risk of safety, avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. Suitable for 1.75M/S above the middle and high speed elevator.

      Basic parameters:


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