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Accurate perception of the seismic information
Avoid earthquake damage to the elevator
Timely rescue of trapped person
○Participate in the State administration of quality supervision the《2008QK21》
subject research

Participate in the National elevator shockproof standards drafting


the elevator earthquake detector


The elevator earthquake detector is used in conjunction with the elevator control sy-
stem, make the elevator before the earthquake happened or occurs effective enter i-
nto the control operation of the equipment. Before the earthquake arrival, the elevat-
or earthquake detector early detection to seismic waves, output alarm contacts to
the elevator control system, the elevator control system according to the contacts
state in the recent floor flat layer to open the door, release the passengers out of the
elevator, the maximum save the life safety of the passengers, ensure that the elevat-
or equipment is not compromised.




Input voltage:AC220﹢10% 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz

Output way:2 relay output

Contacts capacity:1.0 A 30 V DC, 0.5 A 125 V AC

Frequency response:0.1 Hz ~ 30 Hz

Level 1 alarm acceleration threshold set range:0.2 m/s² ~ 1m/s²

Level 2 alarm acceleration threshold set range:0.4 m/s² ~ 3m/s²

Acquisition accuracy:0.01m/s²

Reset way:manual reset

Alarm record:100 strips

Overall Power Consumption:< 1 W





Product collection when the earthquake ground X/Y/Z three of the direction of gro-
und motion acceleration, accurate detection of the earthquake happened, when P w-
ave arrived acceleration sensor detected early earthquake of vertical vibration then
output corresponding electric signals, through the filter and amplification by Analog
to Digital Converter for microprocessor processed. When S wave arrival, accelerat-
ion sensors to detect the horizontal vibration, and output corresponding electric sig-
nals, through the filter and amplification by Analog to Digital Converter for microp-
rocessor processed.

The instrument has two road relay output, respectively is level 1 alarm output, level
2 alarm output, access the elevator control system respectively, for the elevator co-
ntrol system collection. Level 1 alarm output is instruments detected early earthqua-
ke P wave or low vibration acceleration of earthquake movement after output, is a
low-level output, used to judge may be happen earthquake, after Level 1 alarm relay
action, if in 10s inside not have to achieve the Level 2 alarm ground vibration signal,
the product to be automatic reset, and contacts signals disappear. Level 2 alarm ou-
tput corresponding higher ground motion of the output of the acceleration, can’t au-
tomatic reset, and need professional elevator operator to inspection elevator, and af-
ter confirm the elevator without any fault then manually reset.





• Adopting 3 axis acceleration sensor accurate detection of the earthquake happen
• No need precise installation position
• Can remotely operated and function restoration• P wave, S waves integration design
• Self-check function, the instrument itself after failure then automatic detection calib-
ration, no need artificial operation
• Alarm value can scene adjustable
• Alarm records storage function
• Can realize the battery function expand

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