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Product Features

Material: stainless steel, carbon steel and other metals.

Suitable for concrete and dense natural stone.

For metal structures, metal profiles, base plate, a support plate, brackets, pole shed, windows, walls, machines, girders, beams, brackets, and so on.

Fixed by selecting the appropriate thickness of the buried depth, with the buried depth increases, the tension increases, this product has

After the expansion of reliable service functions.

Rally test calibration values were obtained under conditions of cement strength 260-300kgs / cm2, the maximum safe load

Value can not exceed 25% of the nominal values

Technical advantages:

Electric red flag depth position, convenient for installation and acceptance Shallow depth against tensile load, standard depth for high tensile load.

Cold-molding technology, can anchor the material to maintain excellent ductility, and adjust the angle of installation is not broken.

Two different depths, to meet the different requirements of the fixture thickness and depth of the borehole

Multiple thread length selection, installation can be used for special purposes

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