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Content of supply

Gearless synchronous external rotor drive with:

  • Traction sheave
  • Braking system
  • Measuring system (encoder)
  • Mechancial evacuation system (option)
  • Remotely controlled bowden cable for brake (option)
  • Connection cable for encoder (option)
  • All technical documents necessary for approval and detail operation manual

WSG-09 is a permanent magnets torque motor with external rotor: the ideal solution for modernizations and to enhance
elevators efficiency, comfort and performances.
WSG-09 has a compact design and can be rapidly and easily installed both in machine room and in MRL applications.
It combines top class features like performances, efficiency, noise level and vibrations with typical permanent magnets
motors low maintenance cost and energy consumption.
• Excellent ride comfort level
• Conformity and test type certificate according to Lift Directive 95/12/EC
• EN 81-1 A3 certified safety brakes (UCM solution)
• Small size 110 Vdc safety brakes (rectifiers not included)
• Specifically engineered for 1:1 traction existing elevators modernization
• Nominal speed range from 0,63 m/s to 1,6 m/s
• Travel height up to 120 m
• Solid construction for permissible shaft load Fs at the traction sheave up to 35kN
• Optimized overall dimension obtained with “pancake” design
• Low noise and vibration level in comparison with traditional solutions
• Extremely lower installed power and consumption compared with traditional solutions
• Available with absolute and incremental encoder types for speed and position feedback
• Available traction sheaves: 400 and 450mm (for 10 and 11mm)
• Manual rescue operation handwheel available on request


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