WFO compensation chain


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WFO plastic elevator balance compensation chain,is a kind of excellent products to lift,provides an ideal and new product balance compensation running smoothly.
The product structure is a combination of perfect welding anchor,synthetic rubber and plastic materials,forming its unique function.The utility model has the advantages of good elasticity,small bending radius,difficult combusstion,aging resistance,excellent cold resistance,good stable performance and los noise,andis suitable for high speed elevator with 1.75m/s or above.

1.Before installation, it is necessary to straighten the compensation chain, in order to prevent the rubber or plastic from being cracked or peeled by twisting during working.

2. The way to eliminate: After hanging the compensation chain at the bottom of the car, run the elevator to the top slowly. then measure the required length, cut off, roll and warp the length left on the ground, keep it over 1meter from the ground, and hang it for 24 hours statically, till all spirals is released, and then hang another side. After several days of elevator’s working, recheck whether there is any spiral, do it again.

3. The center line of the guiding device should be kept in the same vertical line with the hanging point, to prevent any accidental breakdown caused by the friction between the compensation chain and the guiding device.

4. The minimum distance between the installation point of the guiding device and the bottom of the loop of the compensation chain is one meter, to prevent the broken of the compensation chain caused by little bending radius.


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