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○ Key product in new plan
○ Self-learning,no debug, off line, power-off protection, bug autoalarm
○ Supporting more than 300 elevator manufacturing enterprises in the world





 Elevator Load Weighing Control System is a essential system which is using
in different kinds of elevator such as passenger elevator、cargo elevator、medical use

elevator staircase so that the elevator could running safely and comfortably. The
system can provide not only a group of relay electric shock signal for overload, full

load, half load, light load status, but also various of analog quantity signals for 0~10mA;

4~20mA;-10~+10V or 0~10V.
Prospect Elevator Load Weighing Control System could provide multiplicate installation

methods like rope hitch installation、car platform installation、wheel and axle installation、

traction rope installation and escalator pedal bottom installation. In order to
offer a safe and comfortable elevator running status.


Integration structural design, CrNiMo alloy material, correspond the IP65 request, totally

adapt to hi-humid environment. Overload capacity150%, line output accurate,

load range for each sensor is 100kg~5000kg.


    SYSTEM FEATURES          

1.3-position Nixie Tube display
It could show the rated load percentage of the elevator and the storey.Use conveniently.


2.Reliable anti-jamming
The system uses optical isolation technology, non-interfering for multi-elevator running.

The door status、 up direction、leveling signal are adapt to contact signal input.
Either high level or low level is OK.


3.Setting in site
Free set the rated load tonnage of elevator or read the actual weight of elevator as rated

load tonnage.


4.Adjustment methods
No need for weights self-learning, full load self-loading and remote debugging facility.


5.No inertia error alarm while running
The controller detect and control output while the door open. No detect and control
while elevator rise or fall.


6.Bug self-diagnosis
When the controller or the sensor break down or in off-position, the system could

output overload contact signal automatically.


7.Free adjust in site
Adjust system in 1:1 or 1:2 mode.


8.Offer various of communication interface
According to need, CAN or 485 and other kinds of communication interface could be
provided to system.


9.Sensors in free match
You can free match diversified sensors from our company and connect 12 sensors

through sensor expand module.



      OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS           


1、Far-end display
Inside installation, it will show load capacity in real-time inside the elevator according
to need.


2、Voice hint function 
Inside installation, it will prompt load capacity by voice inside the elevator according
to need

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