Lift anchor (thick pipe)


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Product Features

MIN ORDER:10 Piece/Pieces

Body material: carbon steel and stainless steel and other general metal material

Suitable for a variety of steel, cable lines, brackets, elevator guide rail installation, plumbing, pipe clamps, door,

Stairs, railings, machines, elevators, steel ladder frame work to do, bearing heavy vibration of building components.

Substrate: concrete and dense natural stone.

Shock resistance and durability and reliable function after expansion.

Quick assembly and rapid installation. The use of thick sleeves, and with the large washers, spring washers suitable for having a strong tightening force, usually used for heavy-duty facilities.

Calibration values are under tension strength of cement condition 260-300kgs / cm2 income test, the maximum safe load shall not exceed 25% of the nominal values

product advantages:

Elevator bolts to install the best products rails, brackets, clips, landing door device

Shock resistance and durability and is a reliable function after expansion

Quick assembly and quick to install, since the casing and thicker with increased pad, it has a strong tightening force, usually used for heavy-duty facilities.

Anchors even in cracked concrete also has a high tolerance, high security performance.

Since the anchor does not produce expansion stress, bolt holes in the tapered convex combination through the line to achieve the effect of embedded, ensures maximum reliability anchor

Lift anchor (thick pipe)

No matter Model Drill diameter Deep drilling(mm) Effective buried depth(mm) The maximum thickness of the fixture (mm)
Standard depth Shallow depth Standard depth Shallow depth


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