Fish nylon anchor


min order 1000/pieces


Product Features

Fish nylon gecko is an ideal building material suitable for fastener products. Not only heat cold (-40 ~ + 800C), and resistance to chemical corrosion, aging, and it is very good insulating properties, tensile strength is also more high, designed more to prevent tooth gecko slide in the hole for the lightest load fixation.

Name Type Product Specifications Drill hole directly Screw Specification
ZM-0525 5*25 5 2.5-4
ZM-0630 6*30 6 3.5-5
ZM-0735 7*35 7 4.0-5
ZM-0840 8*40 8 4.5-6
ZM-1050 10*50 10 6.0-8
ZM-1260 12*60 12 8.0-10


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