Elevator COP HOP LOP push button panel


As for material, labor, transportation cost and exchange rate are changing,  the price for this is just for reference only, please contact us beforehand if you are interested.



Product Description
Model Floor Panel Size Box Size
QMCO80014 2`8 1030*170*2 1000*157*70
QMCO80015 9`16 1210*170*2 1180*157*70
QMCO80016 17`24 1390*170*3 1360*157*70
QMCO80017 25`36 1390*200*3 1360*183*70

Technical Parameters

1. Ndicator :

LED seve-segment numena display, LED dot matru, crystal display

2. Push button :

R1B type push button, R1C type push button, R1D type push button, R1E type push button, D type push button, LG type push button, HX4 type push button, M type push button


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