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Model Number:CNHC-038A

Type:Escalator Parts

Product name:escalator handrail pressure chain, support chain Size:60*55 mm

Pitch:70 mm;6202 bearing

Technical data
Escalator handrail pressure



Pitch(mm) Roller diameter(mm) Width between inner plates(mm) Pin Diameter(mm) Inner plate depth(mm)
p d3 b2 min  d1 max h2
Y70 70 60 57 15 35
Y82.5 82.5 60 57 15  35
Y90 90 60 57 15  35
Y115.5 115.5 60 57 15 35
Y125 125 60 57 15 35

CNHC-038A TOP Sale Escal escalator handrail pressure chain, support chain with 9 rollers in size of 60*55 and 70 mm pitch


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