Block Brake PM Gearless Traction Machine 1350-1600kg-WYJ103-08 2.1


  • Using the block brake, low noise, low temperature rise, low current, quick response time for power failure and reliable braking
  • Motor with outer rotor structure, low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise, high efficieny and energy saving, and with small starting current
  • Adapt different inverters, position sensors
  • Large loading capacity, suitable for large load passenger elevator, freight elevator, and hospital elevator


Block Brake PM Gearless Traction Machine 1350-1600kg

Model: WYJ103-08 2.1

As for material, labor, transportation cost and exchange rate are changing, and the elevator loading weight, speed and floor are different, the price for this gearless elevator traction machine is just for reference only, please contact us beforehand if you are interested.


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