Once known as the Paris of the East in the early 20th century, today Shanghai remains an exotic magnet for culture and the arts but has grown into a global hub for business and finance. Spiraling to a height of 632 meters against the dynamic skyline, the futuristic Shanghai Tower is the city’s newest architectural icon.

It boasts a total of 114 elevators, all supplied by Mitsubishi Electric. Three ultra-high-speed elevators serve the Observation Deck (119 floors above the ground), one of them The ultra-high-speed passenger elevators with a world-class speed of 1,230m/min. Conventionally the faster the elevator, the greater the noise and vibration, but Mitsubishi Electric has solved this problem with “active roller guide” and noise reduction technologies. The result is a huge increase in speed and silent top-level riding comfort. The regenerative power produced during operation contributes to energy savings.

Today, the ultra-high-speed elevator from Mitsubishi Electric is carrying people to the top of China’s tallest building to enjoy the grand panoramic view of Shanghai.

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