Wittur Electromechanical Safety Gear-GLSG-22U


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GLSG-22U is a progressive safety gear with mechanical and electrical components. Mechanical components are consisting of a combination of disk springs, braking elements and trigger mechanism with free movable roller.
The safety gear is activated by a compression spring; the electrical components are used to keep the safety gear in initial position.
The brake force is adjusted and sealed in the factory.


  • Uni-directional progressive type safety gear for lifts up to 2,0 m/s
  • Application range: maximum 1850 kg load on safety, machined guide rails 9-16 mm oiled and dry condition
  • No conventional overspeed governor system needed
  • Fail safe design concept
  • SIL3 safety release system required (IEC 61508 compliant)
  • Electronical synchronization of left and right safety gear (simultaneous gripping)
  • Very short reaction time of the magnet release system ensures highest safety (low tripping speed)
  • Low release force from gripped situation
  • Sufficient running clearance to avoid unintended gripping
  • Versatile installation: can be installed either in a separate housing or on the vertical beam of the car sling
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Complete traceability of the production of main components from raw material to final product with coding system stamped to the parts to enhance safety standard
  • Compliant with requirements of EN 81-20/50:2014
  • EU type certified according to Lift Directive
  • 100% tested and checked at factor


Guide rail condition mass to be gripped (P+O) Fmax max. nominal speed
max. tripping speed
 machined / dry 560 – 1850 kg   2 m/s   2,63 m/s
 machined / oiled 570 – 1570 kg


power supply magnet [V / A] 24 V DC / 3,5 W
width of guid rail head  k [mm] 9 / 10 / 15,88 / 16 mm
min. width of guide rail running surface n [mm] 25
min. height of guide rail profil  h [mm] 62
temperature during operation [°C] -10 . +50°C
storage temperature [°C] -25 . 10°C
max. air humidity 90% / +25°C
93% / +40°C
protection class iP 2X


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